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Million Mart is a sister company of Maxi Millions Trading Co., Ltd. Maxi Millions Trading distributes premium liquor and spirits to Myanmar, and also an authorized distributor of Pernod Ricard’s products. More information about Maxi Millions Trading can be found at https://maximillionsgroup.com.

Million Mart has a long-standing history of selling liquor and spirits in Myanmar, and our very first store was established in New University Avenue Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar in 2009. Since the establishment of our first store in Yangon, Myanmar, we have been serving our customers with top-notch branded liquor and spirits.  There are total of 10 stores in three most populated cities in Myanmar and we are expanding our presence every year to serve our customers better, and more convenient in their neighborhoods. Our spirits and wine selections are being expanded every day to meet the needs of our valued customers too.